Our Work 

A construction company is only ever as good as their last job. Every one of these photographs
is of a project we have successfully completed at some point over the last ten years

1-W12 Kitchen Exetnsion 1.jpg
2-W12 Kitchen Extension 2.jpg
3-W12 Kitchen Extension 3.jpg
4-Chiswick W4 Kitchen Extension 1.jpg
5-Chiswick W4 Kithchen Extension 2.jpg
6-Chiswick Extension Garden.jpg
7-Chiswick Extension.jpg
8-Shepherds Bush Loft.jpg
9-Shepherd Bush Loft.jpg
10-Shepherds Bush Loft.jpg
11-Hammersmith W6 Kitchen.jpg
12-Hammermsith W6 Kitchen Extension 2.jpg
13-Hammersmith W6 Loft.jpg
14 Chiswick _W4 Kids Loft Room .jpg
15-Chiswick Shower .jpg
16-Fulham Kitchen Extension.jpg
17-Shepherds Bush Kitchen Extension.jpg
18-Shepherds Bush W12 Kitchen Extension Dining Room.jpg
19 W12 Extension 2.jpg
20-W12 Extension .jpg
21-Hammersmith Rear Addition Loft Bathroom.jpg
22-W12 Basement Kitchen Extension.jpg
23-W12 Kids Bathroom.jpg
24-Chiswick W6 Loft.jpg
25-Hammersmith Loft Bathroom.jpg
26-Kew TW9 Shower.jpg
26-Hammermsith W6 Guest Loft Bedroom .jpg